iPhone 5 announcement TODAY?

Apple iPhone 5 mock-up

Apple iPhone 5 mock-up

“Let’s talk iPhone.” said the simple email tag attached to the press invite scheduled by Apple on 4th October, 20111.

Apple fans can’t wait no more. Today we may see the unveiling of the most anticipated phone in history – iPhone 5.

The word out there is that Apple will be introducing the game changing feature dubbed Assistant – voice control for your iPhone 5. And hence the invitation tag – “Let’s talk iPhone”.

For now we wait with bated breath for the official announcement from Apple so as to put an end to all the rumours and speculations once and for all.

iPhone 5 Release Date – 15th October?

A brand new day brings in brand new sets of iPhone 5 release date rumours. And this time the iPhone 5 release date slip up came from Stephane Richards, CEO of France Telecom.

“If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October”, Stéphane Richard told the French media.

Since Apple products are always released first in the U.S., the release date of 7th October lines up very nicely with previous release date rumours. And this means a November release of the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S for Australia.

The wait is almost over. Well almost.

Catch the entire release date rumour trail here.

Waiting for the iPhone 5 release date?

iPhone 5, So where the bloody hell are you?

Well, you are not alone.

The iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 mini or the iPhone 4 8GB) is easily the most awaited phone of the year and for good reasons. The new addition to the iPhone family is expected to sport a host of new improvements, including an A5 dual-core processor, a larger screen, an 8-megapixel camera, full HD video recording and a new slim design. There are others out there who are suggesting that the new iPhone will be a hotted up iPhone 4 or even just a cheaper more affordable iPhone 4 with an 8GB flash-drive.

At present all the iPhone-5-release-date-rumours point to 7th of October, 2011. And the latest piece of news is that Sprint has scheduled a “Strategy presentation” event for the media members on October 7 simply adding more fuel to the rumours that the iPhone 5 could be coming any time soon.

Apple, of course, hasn’t even confirmed the existence of a next generation iPhone. All eyes are on Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple Inc. Hopefully he won’t disappoint us all as we eagerly await the iPhone 5.

Until then all we can say is, “iPhone 5, So where the bloody hell are you?”

UPDATES: iPhone4S announced, iPhone5 not yet.

iPhone 5 release date nears and Apple making a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4

A cheaper Apple iPhone 4 8GB?

A cheaper Apple iPhone 4 8GB?

Reuters has reported that Apple’s Asian suppliers have begun manufacturing a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 with a 8GB flash-drive.

In a separate story Reuters also reported that Apple is targeting an end-September launch for the next-generation iPhone 5, confirming our previous post.

We had also posted earlier that the major carriers in Australia have dropped their prices on the iPhone 3GS deals and plans, now we wonder with the coming of the new iPhone 4 8GB, will the carriers reprice the plans and deals for the iPhone 16GB and the 32 GB models too?

If you are in the market to buy a new mobile I would watch this space as the mobile price wars are going to begin all over again.

iPhone 5 coming soon as iPhone 3GS price falls

Apple iPhone 3GS

Major carriers in Australia have dropped their price on the iPhone 3GS deals. The iPhone 3GS is now available for FREE on a $29 Optus Cap Plan over 24 months and a similar deal is also available with Vodafone for a limited time.

Check out all the iPhone 3GS deals here.

Are these the early signs that the iPhone 5 launch is just round the corner?

iPhone 5 October release date confirmed by AT&T Vice President

The iPhone 5 is coming this October! Confirmed by an AT&T Vice President to some of his employees, as reported by Boy Genius Report.

Apple iPhone 5 mock-up

Apple iPhone 5 mock-up

The wait is almost over. So you can now stop contemplating whether to wait for the iPhone 5 or buy the iPhone 5 alternatives:

Samsung Galaxy S2
Motorola Atrix
Sony Ericsson Arc

But quite frankly, other mobile phones will always be alternatives because there is only one Apple and there will be only one iPhone 5.

Now you can sit back and take it easy as the iPhone 5 is finally coming to a store near you.

P.S.: Steve Jobs still needs to make the official announcement. Watch this space.

Updates: iPhone4S announced. Check out the latest on the iPhone4S.

New rumored release date for the iPhone 5

The rumours don’t seem to end and the speculation continues to grow about the release date of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 or as dubbed by some as the ‘World Phone’.

And the latest word out there is that the iPhone 5 will either be launched on 7th October or 14th October in the U.S. and plans to offer pre-orders starting on September 29th or 30th.

And the release date for the iPhone 5 in Australia? I guess we will have to wait a little longer as usual.

iPhone 5 Release Date

“When is the iPhone 5 release date?”, is the question awaiting answer with every passing week.

The answer: Nobody knows for sure except Steve Jobs. Ok, maybe a few people do in Cupertino, California best known as home to the worldwide headquarters of Apple Inc. But that does not stop us from speculating the possible release date of the most awaiting phone of the year.

September seems to be the consensus of opinions from all the latest posts across the web. Now whether it’s a full-blown iPhone 5, a mini iPhone 5 or a less-expensive, hotted-up iPhone 4 – remains to be seen. Apple, as usual, is keeping the wraps on any release date as tight as possible.