The future is here with new iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Apps

iPhone 5 Apps

While we wait for the official word from Apple on the iPhone 5 release date and the phone itself, here are the list of apps that the folks at BizarroBlog think will be available with the latest iPhone 5, dubbed as the ‘World Phone’:

– Plays 3D Movie
– Washes your cat
– 3D Camera
– Does your taxes and your hair
– Cleans teeth
– Cosmetic surgery
– Repairs appliances
– Cures Flu
– Gives flu to your ex
– Masseuse
– Makes broccoli taste like chocolate
– Controls weather and the stock market
– Predicts future, changes past
– Get out of jail free
– Pie on demand
– Makes you invisible
– Enables time travel
– Spins straw into gold
– Exfoliation
– Attract UFOs

Let us know about your iPhone 5 must have apps.

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