Are these the new Apple iPhone 5 specs?

iPhone 5?

Apple in Australia might have accidentally disclosed the design and the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 5.


Well Apple recently filed a patent application (application no. 2011203145) with AusPat for a handheld computing device which seems to suggest the latest offering from the iPhone family which is rumored to be released on 7th October, 2011.

The abstract disclosure of the patent application says:

“A minimum Z height handheld electronic device and methods of assembly is described. The electronic device includes a single seamless housing having a front opening and a cover disposed within the front opening and attached to the seamless housing without a bezel.”

Here is the link to the AusPat patent application no. 2011203145.

Tell us what you think. Is this the real deal? Is this the new iPhone 5 that Australia might have stumbled upon?

1 thought on “Are these the new Apple iPhone 5 specs?

  1. The invention is applied to their current Mac Airs as well – its about building a computing device
    from a single piece of sheet metal. The illustrations are illustrative.

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